Title: The Compass of The North Star
Medium: Black Ink

Tattoo design for a friend

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I don’t need you or anybody else!

7/22/14 Sketch & Color Version
Main Character: Bree
Clothes: Casual #1
Species: Human

Title: Golf Course Tree Sketch
Date: 7/16/14
Medium: Black Pen

I was driving around the golf course when I saw this half-dead tree. Before I knew what I was doing, I had stomped the breaks, whipped out my sketchbook, & began drawing it.

Brenna & I’s Novel Sketches (Novel in Progress)

7/11/14 Sketch
Main Character: Bree
Species: Human

very 1st sketch in regards to the characters, opinions?

What do you do when you’re too scared to draw? When you’re afraid that when you put that pencil down, you’ve just lost your ability. It’s your passion, but you’re afraid to find that you may have lost the skill to pursue your passion?

A short film by Glen Keane called Duet

So amazing, gave me chills

Title: Death Of A Phoenix
Artist: E M Biggs
Medium: Ink

(I did this in literally 5 minutes, so I apologize for the sloppiness)